Let me turn to history
The things of mystery.
A country, named Nepal, was founded
With the continuous struggle that surrounded
Had Prithvi Narayan Shah not united
We would have lost our identity.
Of course, it would have raped our dignity.

Since 18th to 21st century,
Though had we progressed in some advisories
Were we there in Sikkim, and Tista
Here we are in Mechi to Mahakali.

New Nepal was formed in 11th Baishak with 19 days of struggle
And lost many warriors to overthrow the Kingship
All had bright hopes of success and prosperity
All were promised to dedication and sincerity.
But, all these turned out to be fake and dirty.

Now I have come to the present
Where Nepal has become a stinking scent.
A country in dark, where only lectures spark
A country in fight , where people have no fundamental right.
A country as beggar, begging selfishly with every country ever and ever
A country as a unguided ship, lost all its good qualities as hospitality and friendship,
All these things have become our unique identities.

I don’t have any comments
Nor do I pose any compliments
Only I dare for a suggestion,
Try to remove all these humiliating identities out of nation.

Yagya Prasad Timalsina


P.S. an article i found when i sneaked back to my email written 7 years back!!!!!  a collection worth publishing!!


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