Arrogant, smart, intelligent, lean, and a topper. Always held a medal in whatever programs he gave his name in. An extrovert, sensitive, emotional, caring with only an age of 14.

Elegant, attractive, intelligent, anxious, slim, stunningly beautiful, shy and soft spoken. An introvert, charming, adorable, kind, sympathetic, aged 13, with the divine eyes, long hairs and pure soul.

Commanding the crowd before him during the school prayers, the girl in front of him casted a magic spell on him. Spellbound, he let the crowds to raise their hands until the teacher next to him brought him back to his senses. His voice trembled then, never had it happened earlier. Hurriedly, he completed the morning prayers, national anthems and asked the class leaders to lead their classmates to their respective classes.

That feeling……the restlessness…unfocused…He missed his roll call which was the very first number to be called. A pinch from his best friend made him utter the word “Present Sir”. Tic…Tic..Tic... Time moved very slowly.
A recess break.. He jumped out of the class to get the glimpse of his girl…his girl..deep to himself, he had already thought her of his own. Elated, he hid himself in a corner and stole a look on her. Her eyes, not so big, were perfect, her cheeks..were red enough to label her as nervous, as it was her first day on Grade VII, and those well ironed dress could tell him about her preparations for her changed and a new school. The bells for classes rang and he cursed the bell boy for ringing the bell a-minute earlier.
Two more classes and a lunch break.

Lunch break… He finished his ‘WAIWAI’ in few minutes and leaned against the wall opposite to the school tap. He waited for her to come to fetch water in her water bottle. Classic bollyhood movie scene…. A leg up against the wall.. Tie lowered below with the upper button scrubbed against back of the pants… and the dust of pants shaken by palms.. She did come five minutes prior to the bell. There had been a queue to fetch up water. Thanked god for this as he would see her longer. She barely spoke. Her friends spoke to her almost all the time. In return, she used to smile. That perfect curve on her lips made him fall for her second time the same day. And yes, he was nervous himself, couldn’t dare to look at her directly. He acted as if he hadn’t come for her, but he craved for her more than anything else in the world.

The first day at 4:00 pm. He had the benefit of arranging the queues to get the roads crossed. Another glimpse before 18 hours to see her the next day. He managed to seize a look towards her. And a small ,faint mole on her face made her more adorable than he had seen her earlier. He looked at her until he captured her completely within him. He made every students cross the roads, with the help of teachers.

Little boy…with so much love…..Is she his soul mate? What made him fall for her multiple times that day? Why did those innocent feelings develop over to that small heart??? Will destiny play a trick to get them together? Will they be together in the near future?

LOVEa question ahead!!!!



4 thoughts on “FIRST LOVE”

  1. how did he happen to fall in love with her that very day ?
    was it their first school day in the new grade ?
    did something magical brought some effect in his heart ?
    or what else ?


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