The black day: APRIL 25, 2015. Nepal had been traumatized by the massive earthquake measuring 7.8 on Richter scale with epicenter at Gorkha, Western Nepal; followed by three major aftershocks measuring 6.6R on April 25,2015 (Gorkha) , 6.9 R on April 26,2015 (Sindhupalchowk) and 6.8 R on May 12, 2015 (Dolakha/Sindhupalchowk) and thousands on minor aftershocks. This cruelty of nature led to deaths tolling over 8600 and injuries banging on to over 21,000. The movement of Indian and Tibetan plates destroyed hundreds of thousands of houses rendering millions homeless and foodless too. Spare the financial loss which is insurmountable.

Every single Nepalese were equally tormented by this disaster and every single soul ached with pain , the pain which can’t even be overcome by the multiple doses of morphine. The whole nation was drenched in tears and every single human began to rise to help those in need. Bound by nationality and unified by Love, we chose to help. Like thousands, I too couldn’t settle my heart and set off to heal the wounds of the victims.

As a medical student, I had the benefit of my stethoscope and my white coat. With the collection of youths from Jhaukhel, bhaktapur, where I live in, we made our banners stating ‘HELP THE NEEDY” and gathered to raise funds around our locality. Special thanks to Roshan Shrestha, Ravi Thapa Magar, Sachin Hamal and Amrit Hamal. Day one collection amounted to almost Nrs. 20,000 and subsequent collections were recorded in tens of thousands. The enthusiasm and zeal of youths can make things easier and more accessible. We bought the dry foods ( biscuits, noodles, dalmot), water purifiers, Oral Rehydration Solution, masks, bleaching powder, water, phenyl and other stuffs with the collected funds and went on a survey at Dahal Gaun, Changunarayan municipality. The survey included the condition of the house, casualty, injuries , sanitation, family members and economic status( was assessed with the help of local youths). the materials were distributed as per the need assessment done in the survey.

Thanks to Reach Out World Wide (ROWW), a non-profit organization currently run by Cody Walker (Actor of fast and furious 7 and brother to the great actor late Paul Walker) for their health camps at the same place and many places like Kattike bhanjyang, Dunwar and Dhande, Sindhupalchowk. We are grateful for their help and it was a good coordination with them. Special thanks to Cody Walker, Derrick Bean, Dr. Gale, Craige de Meillon, Dave Marquez, jeffrey, Christian Urza, Matt Cafey,Tim Okimura, Cammie E. Cooley and Sunil Chhetri. One of the best American Relief Team I ever came through.
Our next destination was Pokhrel Gaun, Pikhel ,Bhaktapur. The place had diarrheal outbreak and on a preliminary survey, I found out dozens of injured and sick. they also demanded water along with water purifier. With the help of Red Cross, we took some doctors to the place and conducted our health camp. we also conducted the water distribution in the whole village. They blessed us for our help and it made us ecstatic. We cleaned the locality of the place where we visited and provided them with the bleaching powder and phenyl. Basic health awareness and k knowledge of Sanitation was also delivered in every houses we stepped in.

Kathmandu Medical College, the place where I study has been doing the health camps to help the victims over various different places. But what makes me much proud is the ebullient nature of my batch mate Kathmandu medical college batch 16. We, the 16th Batch gathered around raising funds crossing over NRS.2,00,0000, made family packs and distributed the relief materials to relief materials to places like Gorkha, Balmandir, Ishangunarayan. Every single medical student are helping their way out to the victims on behalf of KMCTH batch 16.

Lately , AIESEC is running its project called “Junkiri” focusing the children. It basically helps children to get off the fear of earthquake psychologically with their involvement in games, arts, crafts and so on. The programme has been successfully conducted at Sankhu and Lapse. it was a great opportunity to be involved in this project. Acknowledgements to AIESEC and Roshan Shrestha.

This was the account of the things we did on our own effort. Though we couldn’t cover every needy people, all we did was making a difference to few lives we touched. We felt their pain as ours and walked off to relieve few of their troubles.
Nepalese, the bravest of the brave, let us unite together and help every needy in whatever way we can. Let us touch the broken hearts and assure their own company, Egos apart, let us make a dent in this universe. Let every political leaders rise above party politics and honor the party with selfless efforts. Let every youth join together and build a better ,prosperous nation. There are millions of wishes for the betterment of my nation and another wish that this wish gets fulfilled.


a collage!!! collage of the major works!!
a collage!!! collage of the major works!!